[opencms-dev] Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:00:48 -0000

Paul paul at abctranslate.com
Tue Mar 12 21:10:30 CET 2002


I have built the current CVS offering and everything works fine, until I log
in as Admin. I get some IO exceptions.

[12.03.2002 16:50:51] <opencms_info> [CmsClassLoader] Adding repository
[12.03.2002 16:50:51] <opencms_init> [OpenCmsServlet] initializing
r... DONE
[12.03.2002 16:50:53] <opencms_info> [CmsResponseHttpServlet] JSDK 2
[12.03.2002 16:54:23] <opencms_info> [CmsLogin] Login user Admin
[12.03.2002 17:00:35] <opencms_info> [CmsDumpLauncher] IO error while
writing to
 response stream for format.css
[12.03.2002 17:00:35] <opencms_info> [CmsDumpLauncher] java.io.IOException:
en pipe
[12.03.2002 17:05:36] <opencms_info> [CmsXmlLauncher] IO error while writing
response stream for foot.html

I have also another query in relation to the new documentation on the site.
In figure 1.7 of the new Manual, there is an entry for /projects, and it
would appear that the 'little yellow folder' icon must be pressed in order
to do this (i.e. it cannot be typed in). However, pressing the folder icon,
only displays a number of folders, none of them are /projects.

Is there some sort of trickery here, or am I missing something obvious.



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