AW: [opencms-dev] Usage/configuration question

Carsten Weinholz Carsten.Weinholz at
Tue Mar 12 15:31:07 CET 2002

Hello Patrick,

we are currently working on a similar scenario for one of our customers:
- they have some webservers running, each will be equipped with OpenCms as
"content delivery" system, and another OpenCms will work as centralized
"content management"-instance. The instances will share a central database -
you only have to ensure that only the cm-instance is used for editing



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> Betreff: [opencms-dev] Usage/configuration question
> Hi all,
> I'm fairly new to openCMS and am wondering a) if the 
> following scenario is
> possible and b) if it is possible, what the general approach 
> would be to
> accomplish this.
> I have a central site where my pages and templates are all 
> created.  The
> central site controls a number of target installations, each 
> one a little
> different, but all using the templates from the central site. 
>   I'd like to
> make changes on the central site (for a particular remote 
> site) and after
> testing, have those changes published to the remote site.  
> Each site would
> have its own copy of openCMS running.
> Does this sound doable?

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