[opencms-dev] Design/ Functional specs and <META> tag parsing bug

Paul paul at abctranslate.com
Tue Mar 12 11:17:44 CET 2002


I have two queries:-

1: Are there any Functional spec, Design docs available for opencms.
2: I have a bug, the details of which can be found below.

I have managed to install opencms and also managed to get hold of the
OpenCms pdf file (There was no version number on it).

In trying to get to grips with the first example, on page 1 and 2 of the
manual, I got the following XML parsing error. I should also say that in the
manual on page 1 it says, 'Select "other type" for the type of file from the
New dialog box (Figure 1.1)'. In the new dialog box, 'other type' is not
presented as an option.

I have trawled through the newsgroup archives and have not been able to find
a solution to this </META> problem.

Has anybody got a clue on what this may be. There is no Meta tag in the code
from the documentation shown below. Has it something to do with hidden tags?

Best Wishes and thanks,


[CmsException]: 21 XML parsing error. Detailed Error: Cannot parse XML file
"/content/templates/start_template". org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The
element type "META" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</META>"..
	at com.opencms.template.A_CmsXmlContent.parse(A_CmsXmlContent.java:1340)
	at com.opencms.template.A_CmsXmlContent.init(A_CmsXmlContent.java:1006)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<TITLE>The first template</TITLE>
Hello, world!

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