[opencms-dev] Starting questions

Markus Joschko jocsch at phreaker.net
Fri Mar 8 17:45:49 CET 2002

Hi everybody,
I'm new to opencms and on the way to get an overview over all features. Due
to the lack of latest documentation, I have to ask a few questions:

First, I want to use opencms with very inexperienced users and so I want to
make it very easy for them. Is it possible to modify the GUI? E.g., removing
a few of the contextmenu entries. Or adding entries like: send message to

Would it be possible to send automatically an email to the project leader if
someone modifies a file?

Is somewhere an example written down, how to use the "Scheduled Tasks"?

What are "Channels"? What's their task?

Thanks for reading this,

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