[opencms-dev] uploading folders ?

Massimiliano Alessandri m.alessandri at tiscalinet.it
Thu Mar 7 21:42:42 CET 2002

>Is there a way to upload in opencms a large number of folders containing
>pictures without doing it folder by folder ?

If you are working on the server and can upload the folders on the server 
file system, proceed as follows:
1) Create a "pics" folder on your server file system;
2) Upload all your picture folders into this folder through FTP;
3) Use the synchronization feature built in OpenCMS to synchronize the 
contents of the pics folder both on the VFS and the server file system;
The result will be copying all the pictures folders to the VFS, while 
retaining a copy of all the server folders on the server file system.

If you DON'T have access to the server file system or didn't configure FTP, 
you could
1) Create a "pics" folder on your local file system;
2) Move all the picture files into this folder;
3) Add a "manifest.xml" file listing all the files to import with their 
4) Pack the "pics" folder and the "manifest.xml" file into a ZIP file (they 
should be at the root level in the ZIP file listing);
5) Use the OpenCMS import function to upload the ZIP file and automatically 
write its contents to the VFS
The only way I know to prepare a valid "manifest.xml" file is to write 
custom Java code - you may start having a look at the 
com.opencms.file.CmsExport class searching for the keyword "manifest".

Hope I answered to your question

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