AW: [opencms-dev] WYSIWYG editor: styles outfit

Manfred Pruntsch manfred.pruntsch at
Thu Mar 7 00:06:43 CET 2002

Hi Michael,

> ... You should always use an absolute path inside this tag.
If I use an absolute path like
<method name="getPathUri"/>
the styles appear only in the root navigation level. When I leave it the
styles are be lost.
In the doc (chapter 1.8, page 56) an example is shown with a relative path

The html source output is:
<link rel=stylesheet type="text/css"

Nevertheless I've checked out my configuration:
The system is: oc 4.5.35, Tomcat 4.01, IE 6.0.2
Texteditor is LEdit V2.11
MS DHTML Editor (ActiveX Control) DHTMLED.OCX (product version 6.01.9102)
located in WINNT/system32/dllcache
Due to the installation of opencms I had installed this ActiveX Control
separately after download from microsoft website. Now I take a look in the
installdoc: "... this control is part of the IE installation...". I took the
installed ms dhtml component away. Unchanged results. The styles are


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> Betreff: AW: [opencms-dev] WYSIWYG editor: styles outfit
> Hi Manfred,
> the only problem I see is that you use a relative path in the
> stylesheet link. You should always use an absolute path inside this tag.
> regards,
> Michael
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> Betreff: [opencms-dev] WYSIWYG editor: styles outfit
> Hi all,
> when I'm opening a page for editing then the styles aren't displayed. But
> the stylesheet itself is working properly in IE and WYSIWYG preview (the
> zoom tool on right side).
> In text mode the body between <![CDATA ... ]] is shown. It has to
> be got an
> environment (for example body, html tags a.s.o.) for running. Why not the
> style tag (link rel=...)?
> The doc says: "... WYSIWYG-behaviour can be realized even when using
> stylesheets." (chapter 8).
> My code:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <stylesheet>content/scripts/abcstyles.css</stylesheet>
>   <HTML>
>     <HEAD>
>       <TITLE>]]><method name="getTitle"/><![CDATA[</TITLE>
>       <meta name="description" content="]]><method
> name="getDescription"/><![CDATA[">
>       <meta name="keywords" content="]]><method
> name="getKeywords"/><![CDATA[">
>       <link rel=stylesheet type="text/css" href="]]><method
> name="getServletPath"/><![CDATA[content/scripts/abcstyle.css">
>     </HEAD>
> ...
> It looks good, isn't it?
> Does the documentation mean the preview with WYSIWYG-behaviour?
> Manfred

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