[opencms-dev] release candidate & examples

harald lapp h.lapp at biering.de
Wed Mar 6 12:12:33 CET 2002


i've installed the new opencms release candidate
(v4.5.35), looks very nice btw., the interface ;-)

am i right, that there's no example included?
i've downloaded the old example at the modules page.
i've installed the 'news'-module without any problems,
but how to install/import the example-website? i've
tried to expand it in some opencms directory, but
this doesn't seem to work correctly.

i would also like to know how to create a project from
scratch. i know there is a users-guide available, i've
read and tried (without the example-site of course ;-),
but are there any more detailed informations/tutorials
somewhere available?

thanx & bye

harald lapp <software developer />

mediahaus Biering                         Telefon: 089-32352-271
Freisinger Landstrasse 21                 Telefax: 089-32352-277
80939 M√ľnchen                             http://www.biering.de/

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