AW: [opencms-dev] Divide the navigation tree in two parts for separate use

Manfred Pruntsch manfred.pruntsch at
Wed Mar 6 00:53:04 CET 2002

Hi Michael,

I have built the class CmsXmlExtNav. I did put them into
../WEB-INF/oclib/opencms.jar with JAR-utility (with correct path:
But an error occurs: the new method was searched in class CmsXmlNav instead
in CmsXmlExtNav.
How can I show opencms the right class?

[navfoot] ??? [CmsException]: 23 Could not call user method. Detailed Error:
User method getNavSpecifiedFolder was not found in class

> with:
> String currentFolder = tagcontent;
Does the tagcontent contain the parameter (absolute path to specified

kindly regards,

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> separate use
> Hi Manfred,
> currently there is no support for showing the navigation of a
> specific folder in the CmsXmlNav class. But is should be fairly simple
> to add it. You have to extend the class com.opencms.defaults.CmsXmlNav.
> You can then create your own method "getNavSpecifiedFolder". The simplest
> way is
> to copy the code from the getNavCurrent method and replace the code where
> the folder that will be searched for navigation entries is determined:
> replace:
> String
> currentFolder=cms.getRequestContext().currentFolder().getAbsolutePath();
> with:
> String currentFolder = tagcontent;
> If you set the absolute path inside OpenCms in your method tag this should
> work.
> regards,
> Michael
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> Betreff: [opencms-dev] Divide the navigation tree in two parts for
> separate use
> I want to realize a main navigation bar (main categories, left side on the
> page) and and a separate help navigation bar (sitemap, help,
> contact a.s.o,
> on the upper right corner).
> First I've created the main navigation with the 'getNavRoot'
> method (Ok, it
> works).
> After that I've created a folder named 'helpnav' under the root without
> adding to the navigation. All help files I put here - with navigation
> properties. Next I will display the help navigation with a method
> which can
> display the navigation of an specified folder given by a
> parameter such as:
> <method "getNavSpecifiedFolder">/helpnav/</method>
> and without adding to the current navigation.
> Is there an existing method or have I to extend a java class and write the
> method by myself?
> In the latter case:
> Do I have to make a getFiles method like the getFolders method in the
> example 21 dev-doc? For example, calling with: String filelist =
> getFiles(cms,template,'/helpnav/');
> Or exist an another (more better) way?
> with kindly regards
> Manfred
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