AW: [opencms-dev] Adding NavIndex property

Michael Dernen Michael.Dernen at
Mon Mar 4 09:35:32 CET 2002

Hi Manfred,
the navigation looks for a property named "NavIndex" of the folder.
If it is not found it will link to index.html in the folder. If you
set the property "NavIndex" to something like mypage.html the navigation
for this folder will link to mypage.html


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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Adding NavIndex property

Hi everybody,

I didn't use the default name 'index.html' in a folder. In the dev-doc is
"... If the default should be changed ... then a property NavIndex must be
add ..." (chapter 1, page 9).
I'm adding the NavIndex property but it doesn't work. How has to looks like
the value?

thanks for advices

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