[opencms-dev] include file-owner of content-files (VFS) in body-template How?

"B├╝hrle, Martin, FCI1" martin.buehrle at lfk.eads.net
Fri Mar 1 18:25:56 CET 2002

Hi everybody,

does anybody know how to include some data of the file-owner of the
content-files in VFS-file-structure of OpenCMS in the body-template as
dynamic content?
Is there a standard-method to implement this? Which class-file do we have to
use for this?

We want to implement the username, department, telephone and EMail of the
content-owner (i.e. the owner of the index.html-file) *dynamically* on each
document serverd by OpenCMS.
All this data is stored with the user-informations already and for sure
accessible over the user-id of the file-owner of the content-files.

Thanks for help and bye,


Martin Buehrle, FCI1
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
eMail: Martin.Buehrle at lfk.eads.net

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