[opencms-dev] greetings ... and questions !

cg cg at eworx.gr
Mon Feb 25 18:23:15 CET 2002

Hello Pekka,

Thanks for the feedback ... I will guard your response for later. But for 
now we are trying to set up OpenCMS on Win2k ... Our company would like to 
eventually move our operation entirely to Linux, but for now we have an 
immediate client who has a religious attachment to a certain legacy 
operating system ... Any advice for Win2k "Advanced" Server ?

Best wishes,

Chris Gianniotis

At 07:16 PM 2/25/2002 +0200, you wrote:

>Chris Gianniotis wrote:
> >Having followed all steps specified on the "Install" page,
> >when I reach the point of executing the setup wizard with
> >http://localhost:8080/opencms/ocsetup, the wizard appears and, when
> >executed in either normal or advanced mode, seems to go into a loop:
>I think I experienced similar lockup when trying to install
>OpenCMS for the first time. Maybe the access privileges
>in MySQL are not right?
>I managed to install OpenCMS using Sun j2sdk1.4.0.
>The ocsetup defaults to installing MySQL as root,
>which I think is a bad idea, although it is suggested that
>the privileges are restricted later. I made a separate
>account for opencms BEFORE I started to install, and changed
>the user and passwd in OCSETUP accordingly...
>Here's how it is done with linux:
>1) This creates an empty database "youre_opencms_db_name":
>    mysqladmin -u root -p create youre_opencms_db_name
>2) Log into mysql as root to be able to change privileges:
>    mysql -u root -p
>    passwd: ******
>3) Grant all privileges to user "youre_opencms_login_name"
>contacting MySQL from machine "localhost" using
>passwd "youre_opencsm_passwd":
>    mysql> GRANT select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop
>    mysql> ON youre_opencms_db_name.*
>    mysql> TO youre_opencms_login_name at localhost
>    mysql> IDENTIFIED BY 'youre_opencsm_passwd';
>    mysql> exit
>Depending on how the name resolution works, it may be
>necessary to use
>    "youre_opencms_login_name at"
>instead of
>    "youre_opencms_login_name at localhost".
>Hope this helps...
>pekka.saari at sll.fi

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