[opencms-dev] greetings ... and questions !

Pekka Saari pekka.saari at sll.fi
Mon Feb 25 18:16:02 CET 2002

Chris Gianniotis wrote:
>Having followed all steps specified on the "Install" page,
>when I reach the point of executing the setup wizard with
>http://localhost:8080/opencms/ocsetup, the wizard appears and, when
>executed in either normal or advanced mode, seems to go into a loop:

I think I experienced similar lockup when trying to install
OpenCMS for the first time. Maybe the access privileges
in MySQL are not right?

I managed to install OpenCMS using Sun j2sdk1.4.0.

The ocsetup defaults to installing MySQL as root,
which I think is a bad idea, although it is suggested that
the privileges are restricted later. I made a separate
account for opencms BEFORE I started to install, and changed
the user and passwd in OCSETUP accordingly...

Here's how it is done with linux:

1) This creates an empty database "youre_opencms_db_name":

   mysqladmin -u root -p create youre_opencms_db_name

2) Log into mysql as root to be able to change privileges:

   mysql -u root -p
   passwd: ******

3) Grant all privileges to user "youre_opencms_login_name"
contacting MySQL from machine "localhost" using
passwd "youre_opencsm_passwd":

   mysql> GRANT select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop
   mysql> ON youre_opencms_db_name.*
   mysql> TO youre_opencms_login_name at localhost
   mysql> IDENTIFIED BY 'youre_opencsm_passwd';
   mysql> exit

Depending on how the name resolution works, it may be
necessary to use
   "youre_opencms_login_name at"
instead of
   "youre_opencms_login_name at localhost".

Hope this helps...


pekka.saari at sll.fi

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