[opencms-dev] isCacheable(...)

Simon Knightley simon_knightley at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 17:56:51 CET 2002


have you tried overriding the CmsCacheDirectives as

  public CmsCacheDirectives
getCacheDirectives(CmsObject cms, String templateFile,
String elementName, Hashtable parameters, String
templateSelector) {
   return new CmsCacheDirectives(false);


 --- Julien Soyer <JSoyer at paris.agency.com> wrote: >
> I am experiencing problems using forms. It seems
> that the method isCacheable
> (overridden in my class) is never called.
> The consequence is that my getContent() method is
> only called once,
> preventing my form to be processed.
> Does anyone has a workaround?
> Note: my form is working when I post it on an new
> page, processed by the
> same Java class.
> Julien

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