[opencms-dev] Virtual domains and aliases with mod_webapp?

Pekka Saari pekka.saari at sll.fi
Thu Feb 21 13:12:00 CET 2002

Stephan Hartmann wrote:
> the most easy way for all three cases is a redirect. But this 
 > will show your mydomain urls in the browser.

The problem is that there are some well known addresses
of type http://www.virtual.com/project/ that have
existed for years. If I transfer those pages to
OpenCMS, I would like to preserve the old links
as they are (because many people have bookmarked them,
they can be found with google, etc).

So redirect to http://www.virtual.com/opencms/opencms/project/
is not an option for me. I want the the URL to be exactly 
http://www.virtual.com/project/ in the browser window even if
the page comes from OpenCMS via whatever connection...

A real life example, if I look at:

I would prefer to see
in my browser window.

This could be one solution:

   First virtual host
      WebAppDeploy opencms conn /opencms

   Second virtual host
      ProxyPass / -> http://warp.virtual.com/opencms/opencms/
      mod_rewrite (optional)

Another possibility:

    Export everything to static
    In httpd.conf, point
    http://www.virtual.com/ to /var/jakarta/opencms/export/

But I'm not quite satisfied with these. Static export...
Hmm.. Can I export pages one at a time, or does the
export-command always export the whole site? With five
web-writers fiddling with their own subprojects..
..adds too much to the overall load of the server.

It can also be difficult to get the navigational links
to point
  instead of

I think I need to study some more Tomcat and OpenCMS
to figure out what other options there are.


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