[opencms-dev] Release Candiate for Major Release OpenCms 4.6

Pekka Saari pekka.saari at sll.fi
Sat Feb 16 02:43:42 CET 2002

>  the release candidate for OpenCms 4.6 is out now and can
>  be downloaded at www.opencms.org.

I installed 4.5.35_RC flawlessly and imported NewsModule and
Demo-site from 4.4.6. Then I decided to try whether
there has been any progress witch Macintosh + IE5.1 + ActiveX.

*  Login still ends up to never-ending loop, but it's easy to
    change "login.html" to "index.html" to go forward. I guess
    that this is somehow connected to MacIE:s inability to
    open new window for OpenCMS...

*  In explorer-mode I can now see folders and files that were
    not visible in 4.4.6 with Mac IE 5.1.

*  The html-wysiwyg-editor "almost" works! I can see the toolbars
    of the editor but otherwise the page is blank.

In Linux i686 and Mozilla 20020205 there's also some progress:
So far everything seems to work (except the editor of course
thats lacking ActiveX). In Explorer wiew Moz gives pull-down
menu options "Create as project", "History" and "Properties".

Linux with Netscape-communicator 4.77 had more problems.

Summarum: This looks so promising, that I think I will now
boot into Windows and try to create some testpages of my own...

Systems Administrator
pekka.saari at sll.fi

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