[opencms-dev] Futures plans: support for disconnected mode?

Massimiliano Alessandri m.alessandri at tiscalinet.it
Wed Feb 13 02:45:58 CET 2002

>Now that I have OpenCMS installed and I started reading the (somewhat 
>outdated) PDF, I was wondering whether we can expect a real (WYSIWYG) 
>dedicated client instead of relying on IE + DHTM + LeEDIT (since that 
>limits us to Windows/Mac, and even, those poor souls who don't use 
>Opera...), and support for disconnected mode, ie. being able to store an 
>entire site on a laptop, work on it while on the road, and synchronize 
>when back at the office? I simply can't tell sales people that they can't 
>access our knowledge databases if they don't have Internet access.
Support for disconnected mode on your home computer can be achieved in the 
following way:
1) Install the whole platform on your home computer
2) Use the export function to produce a zip file containing the entire site 
on the server.
3) Download it and bring it to your home computer.
4) Use the import function to load it into the development system.
5) After finishing working, use the export function on your development 
system to pack your work into a zip file (you may also choose to export 
only modified files)
6) Use the import function on the production system.
Steps 2-6 will be repeated ciclically.

Your sales people will have access to the platform installed on their 
notebooks, so they will be able to browse your knowledge databases as if 
they had Internet access.

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