[opencms-dev] Futures plans: dedicated WYSIWYG client; support for disconnected mode?

Atomboy atomboy2002 at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 12 23:52:20 CET 2002


Now that I have OpenCMS installed and I started reading the (somewhat 
outdated) PDF, I was wondering whether we can expect a real (WYSIWYG) 
dedicated client instead of relying on IE + DHTM + LeEDIT (since that 
limits us to Windows/Mac, and even, those poor souls who don't use 
Opera...), and support for disconnected mode, ie. being able to store an 
entire site on a laptop, work on it while on the road, and synchronize when 
back at the office? I simply can't tell sales people that they can't access 
our knowledge databases if they don't have Internet access.


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