[opencms-dev] J2SDK 1.4.0/Tomcat 4.0.2/OpenCMS 4.4.6/MySQL 3.23.48: "Trying to drop database ... Failed"

Atomboy atomboy2002 at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 12 05:29:07 CET 2002

At 01:54 12/02/2002 +0100, tiger.boogie at t-online.de wrote:
>Try anything above 1.3 and anything below 1.4 for installing and then if 
>everything works fine test the 1.4 rc (release candidate).

The combination of JDK 1.3.1 and Tomcat 4.0 seems to work better. Java is 
such a pain... :-)

>Did you set the permissions right ? Using mysqlaccess or mysqladmin you 
>can configure who is allowed to connect and from what host. In your case 
>(as you are not bound to a specific nameservice) I would recommend 
>allowing all hosts to connect to the database (the sign for all hosts is 
>'%'). That will solve most of your problems. I deeply encourage you to use 
>passwords for your db.

Yes, I'll add passwords if I set up OpenCMS on a production server, but 
right now, I'm just toying with it at home :-) As for permissions, I left 
all the defaults.

Turns out Joshua had it right: Changing " jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/" 
into " jdbc:mysql://mylinux.acme.com:3306/" solved the issue. Thx a bunch 
for the prompt answer!

BTW, and this is not a criticism of OpenCMS, but I really don't think using 
a web browser as the client is such a good idea, because we're a long way 
from offering a UI that is as good as eg. Outlook, which users are used to. 
Is there any project to develop a cross-platform dedicated client for OpenCMS?

I'm really looking into a non-proprietary, no-pain alternative to Lotus 
Notes to build knowledge databases, and so far, no luck. I've looked at 
various tools like GreyMatter, MovableType, UserLand stuff, Zope, and 
FogCreek's CityDesk, but I'm still not quite excited by what I saw.

Thx again

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