[opencms-dev] BUILD FAILED

Robert Müller html at 44one.de
Sat Feb 9 08:57:37 CET 2002

i downloaded the source code (4.4.6 release) and try to compile. I get the following errors.
Thanks for the help.

Robert Müller
G:\opencmssource\opencms>ant all
Buildfile: build.xml
    [mkdir] Created dir: G:\opencmssource\build\classes
    [mkdir] Created dir: G:\opencmssource\build\opencms\WEB-INF\lib
    [mkdir] Created dir: G:\opencmssource\build\opencms\WEB-INF\oclib
    [mkdir] Created dir: G:\opencmssource\zip
    [mkdir] Created dir: G:\opencmssource\pdf

    [javac] Compiling 277 source files to G:\opencmssource\build\classes
    [javac] G:\opencmssource\opencms\src\com\opencms\core\CmsException.java:365:
 getStackTrace() in com.opencms.core.CmsException cannot override getStackTrace(
) in java.lang.Throwable; attempting to use incompatible return type
    [javac] found   : java.lang.String
    [javac] required: java.lang.StackTraceElement[]
    [javac]     public String getStackTrace() {
    [javac]                   ^
    [javac] G:\opencmssource\opencms\src\com\opencms\dbpool\CmsStatement.java:40
: com.opencms.dbpool.CmsStatement should be declared abstract; it does not defin
e getMoreResults(int) in com.opencms.dbpool.CmsStatement
    [javac] public class CmsStatement implements Statement {
    [javac]        ^
    [javac] G:\opencmssource\opencms\src\com\opencms\dbpool\CmsPreparedStatement
.java:42: com.opencms.dbpool.CmsPreparedStatement should be declared abstract; i
t does not define setURL(int,java.net.URL) in com.opencms.dbpool.CmsPreparedStat
    [javac] public class CmsPreparedStatement extends CmsStatement implements Pr
eparedStatement {
    [javac]        ^
    [javac] G:\opencmssource\opencms\src\com\opencms\dbpool\CmsCallableStatement
.java:42: com.opencms.dbpool.CmsCallableStatement should be declared abstract; i
t does not define registerOutParameter(java.lang.String,int) in com.opencms.dbpo
    [javac] public class CmsCallableStatement extends CmsPreparedStatement imple
ments CallableStatement {
    [javac]        ^
    [javac] G:\opencmssource\opencms\src\com\opencms\dbpool\CmsConnection.java:4
0: com.opencms.dbpool.CmsConnection should be declared abstract; it does not def
ine setHoldability(int) in com.opencms.dbpool.CmsConnection
    [javac] public class CmsConnection implements Connection {
    [javac]        ^
    [javac] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
    [javac] Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
    [javac] 5 errors


G:\opencmssource\opencms\build.xml:126: Compile failed, messages should have bee
n provided.


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