[opencms-dev] Javascript error

tiger.boogie at t-online.de tiger.boogie at t-online.de
Fri Feb 8 18:10:35 CET 2002


I reinstalled everything from scratch (yeah I know whatever) and the setup works fine (like before) but now when I try to login into the worklplace, the page remains empty and I get a Javascript error.

I had a look at the html-source in my browser and found a stacktrace of a java error.

[CmsException]: 0 Unknown exception. Detailed Error: NO MESSAGE. Caught Exception: >java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot create a session after the response has been committed<
 at com.opencms.template.cache.CmsElementXml.getContent(CmsElementXml.java:182) 
 at com.opencms.template.cache.CmsUri.callCanonicalRoot(CmsUri.java:163)

The Javascript error I get is:

Line 340
Char 1
Error: 'document.all.errormain.style' is null or not an object
Code 0
URI: /opencms/opencms/system/workplace/action/login.html

My Browser is MSIE 5.50, SP2

The fact that keeps bothering me, is that it worked fine before I reinstalled everything. Still, I must not have understood a basic mechanism of opencms I think. Did I possibly do something wrong ???

Thanks for caring,


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