[opencms-dev] Problem creating project

tiger.boogie at t-online.de tiger.boogie at t-online.de
Fri Feb 8 01:43:25 CET 2002


I get an error when creating a project and I think it's me somehow but I can't explain it.

These are the details of how I proceeded:

- I installed Tomcat (jakarta-tomcat-4.0.1) and the latest release of OpenCMS (4.4.6 major). The Server installs fine, I think. Well at least I don't get any error messages. I walk through all the steps that are mentioned in the online server install manual and then login into the workplace.

- I then change the password of the Admin user which works fine too.

- Following the user documentation (User Guide 4.0) I then try to create a new project, which fails !!!!

The Folder I specify is /examples/ (like in the manual). 

I didn't find the "examples" folder in the explorer before creating the project but I suspect that's OK. Or not ? Gimme a hint please.

The Error I get is:

Leider konnte das Projekt nicht angelegt werden.

Grund: Die Projektdateien sind ung├╝ltig oder falsch eingegeben.

[CmsException]: 2 Not Found. Detailed Error: [com.opencms.file.mySql.CmsDbAccess] /examples/.

What am I doing Wrong ? Am I missing out on something BIIIIG ? Did I forget to do something ?

What is happening there anyways ? Where is the new Folder supposed to be created or is it a table creation in the database or something similar ? I just don't get the error somehow. If I had clue I'd be willing to hack around with you guys but I feel that I somehow need to get that running first. Is there already a documentation out there ? Otherwise I'd be willing to try to write a doc cause that's what I'm missing most.


Koblenz - Germany

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