[opencms-dev] progress status

harald lapp h.lapp at biering.de
Thu Feb 7 12:44:05 CET 2002


i would like to know, if there's somewhere a progress list
of opencms available, where someone can see what has been
done and what has to be done for the next major release.
eg. this and that feature completed, feature X 90% done,
feature Y 50%, feature Z 'not yet started' ... ?

a little status-information on the webpage would really be
nice :-)

thanks & bye

harald lapp <software developer />

mediahaus Biering                         Telefon: 089-32352-271
Freisinger Landstrasse 21                 Telefax: 089-32352-277
80939 M√ľnchen                             http://www.biering.de/

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