[opencms-dev] Installation Problem

Jun Yamog jun at infiniteinfo.com
Thu Feb 7 11:43:37 CET 2002

Wow thanks for the great info.

I have little experience on ACS Java, ACS Tcl I do have a ton of 
experience.  I do have some more questions.

Jean-Guillaume BIROT wrote:

> with media), you still have to write Java modules. You don't have a complex
> framework to access database (actually you have no framework at all for
> that). You have to use asbtract classes to integrate you backoffice forms in
> the administration view but it's quite simple for a java programmer to do
> that (the news module is the thing to study). You don(t have to create
> special template for the content item list, just provide a java class to
> specify the content type class and the edit forms URLs.

I am looking at a Java based based solution similar to ACS.  Very strong 
data model.  Sorry but no offense meant to the opencms community.  Are 
there any other opensource projects out there similare to opencms with a 
solid data model like ACS?  I really need to get a good alternative of 
ACS since ACS Java is not doing well.

> Well, we have many troubles to use ACS on a Websphere Application Server
> which is definitely not the case with OpenCMS.
> And it works with MySQL not only with an expensive RDBMS such as Oracle.

I believe ACS does not playwell on other servelet containers and tools 
since aD uses custom modified tools like Ant, junit, etc.  So the 
vanilla Ant will not build ACS Java.  I think same goes with the servlet 
since ACS Java uses its own modified XML parser.  Its also one of the 
reason why I need to look for an alternative like opencms.

> Finally, let's say that OpenCMS Group is a real open-source group. Ars
> Digita seems to hide many features of their core technology to the
> open-source community. I'm afraid of their commercial politics for the
> future of the project.

Yup aD has a lot of history and politics in it.  They are going down now 
they are now listed in f***edcompany.com.

> I dont know OpenACS because it's not a java technology software.

You should give it a try.  Aolserver is really very powerful and elegant 
although its a real pitty that it is not famous.

> Hope this help.

It helps a lot thanks.


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