[opencms-dev] Installation Problem

Jean-Guillaume BIROT j.birot at smart-up.net
Thu Feb 7 10:41:21 CET 2002

There's no problem. In my company we use ACS (but only the open-source
package which we have improved by ourselves).
I think OpenCMS is different in its approach to the Content Management. It's
more like a powerful virtual web file system with simple backoffice
developement possibilities. The template mecanism isn't based on XSLT (and
they is not a complex GUI control framework such as Bebop) but it's easier
to learn for an HTML programmer. You can create an entire website without
any programming which is not the case with ACS (well with the open-source
package). If you want to create complex content structure (such as articles
with media), you still have to write Java modules. You don't have a complex
framework to access database (actually you have no framework at all for
that). You have to use asbtract classes to integrate you backoffice forms in
the administration view but it's quite simple for a java programmer to do
that (the news module is the thing to study). You don(t have to create
special template for the content item list, just provide a java class to
specify the content type class and the edit forms URLs.

The new 4.5 version (available on CVS) introduces a "Master Content
Definition" and generic Channels. I am studiying both of them but think that
a complete example (and docs) won't be a luxury for that :-)
The master content definition is based on a standard class which
encapsulates access to a standard data model with enough field in it to
cover all your current needs and provide project integration (such as access
control, lock, versionning, history and staging). Channels provide a kind of
a virtual folder system to stores your database content.

In OpenCMS, you have no content workflow management (just an independant
task list to communicate with your team), no integrated life cycles
management (the new scheduler may be used for that). The HTML editor is
still a shareware Active X component (beautiful but not free).

Well, we have many troubles to use ACS on a Websphere Application Server
which is definitely not the case with OpenCMS.
And it works with MySQL not only with an expensive RDBMS such as Oracle.

Finally, let's say that OpenCMS Group is a real open-source group. Ars
Digita seems to hide many features of their core technology to the
open-source community. I'm afraid of their commercial politics for the
future of the project.

I dont know OpenACS because it's not a java technology software.

Hope this help.

Jean-Guillaume Birot
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Thanks Paky!

Although its really weird that it does not accept localhost or  I do have to check if this is a mysql problem, i have used
postgres, oracle most of the time.

I have then have to figure out how to change the language to english,
its german right now.

Has anybody here have used ACS or OpenACS?  I come from this development
toolkit and it would be great if i can discuss with a person that has
tried ACS or OpenACS.  Since i know alot of ACS but has very little
experience in opencms I could a get some info how it differs with ACS
and its similarities.


paky wrote:

> hi jun
> I have same exprience to setup..
> and i change
> jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/    ---> jdbc:mysql://
> localhost to ip address and success..
> Good luck!!
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> Hi,
> I am new to opencms and would like to try it.  I have a problem during
> installation.
> I use opencms 4.4.6, tomcat 4.0.1 and jdk 1.3.1.  It seems that there is
> no db connection or a security problem during the drop and create of
> database.
> I get a
> java.sql.SQLException: Server configuration denies access to data source
> I have try to search the archives for this and it seems some people do
> get the error but it seems there is no solution presented.  I have tried
> to connect to mysql via -P 3306 everything is ok.  I have check the logs
> and they are empty.  Can someone explain that this means?  No connection
> to the database or access is denied?  What could cause this error,
> suggested fix.  Thanks very much.
> Jun

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