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Michael Emmerich Michael.Emmerich at
Thu Jan 31 11:09:57 CET 2002

Hello Michael,

currently, OpenCms does not support multisite, i.e. several different sites
that are managable with one instance of the workplace.

Since you want to have seperate sites with their own workplace, the easiest
way to solve your problem is to set up mutliple servlet zones on one server.
Just rename the opencms.war file to mysite01.war, restart the Tomcat and you
can install a second OpenCms with [servername]/mysite01/ocsetup. You can
then access the site under [servername]/mysite01/opencms/.

Each instance of the OpenCms will have its own workplace and database and
runs independent of the other instances.


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We have installed OpenCms 4.4.6 for testing in our lab. I like it!
To make a decision wether to use it for future projects we appreciate hints
concerning the folling questions:

How do I  install OpenCms to serve several websites ( ,,  etc), which should be hosted on 1
server machine, preferably using the Apache / Linux / MySql. Each website
should have its own workplace. Does anyone have a how-to document?

Thank you for responding.

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