[opencms-dev] direct database-search-access from OpenCMS + result list

Jean-Guillaume BIROT j.birot at smart-up.net
Thu Jan 31 10:17:36 CET 2002

I am studying the news module (V4) downloadable from the site. What I see is
that you must implement a specific Template Java class and use it in your
Master Template page or control page. This template class calls your data
access logic in the getContent() method and fill the data block (called in
your XML file by the <process> tag) or use your own method (called in your
XML template file by a <method> tag). The data access logic may use JDBC or
your usual Java framework  (such as O/R mapping tools or Entity EJB). You
have all what you want in the developer book. It needs Java programming
skills of course.

To implement a filter method (to make parametrized search in your database),
you must read chapter 4 and adapt it to call your data access tool.
The news module is a really good example to study.

Hope this help !!!

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Hi everybody,

we are trying to implement a simple phone-book-Module within OpenCMS
(search/list records that are already in the database).
We have all the datas in a special mySQL-database and can upload/update them
i.e. with "phpMyAdmin" from web.

What we need is a simple query-functionality from within opencms.

Has anybody an example, so that we can have a look how to realize this
Some hints where we can find it on the web?

Thanx a lot!


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