[opencms-dev] New to OpenCMS ...

Jean-Guillaume BIROT j.birot at smart-up.net
Tue Jan 29 18:30:54 CET 2002


I have discovered OpenCMS just a week ago and am already in love with it. I
master commercial CMS packages such as Documentum or open-source Java
frameworks such as Arsdigita Community System. I find that OpenCMS is the
simplest of all and it works perfectly on commercial J2EE architecture (IBM
Websphere Application Server 4.0 with Oracle 8i).

I have downloaded and build the 4.5 version from the CVS server. I want to
use the Master Content Definition and channels Framework but there aren't
still neither doc nor example (back-office, template). I can't create a
channel in the administration it tells me I have no right (it mentions
"defaults/cos" root).

Can somebody help me ?


Best regards and sorry for my bad english.

Jean-Guillaume Birot
SMART UP - Your J2EE Architect !!!

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