[opencms-dev] Template example: compiling control code

Manfred Pruntsch manfred.pruntsch at ifcos.com
Tue Jan 29 11:45:05 CET 2002


I'm experiencing with the examples in the template mechanism documentation.
When I try to compile the Java class that controls the output of the
template (page 12) I've got some error messages like this:

/bin/javac CmsExample4.java
CmsExample4.java:1: package com.opencms.template does not exist
import com.opencms.template.*;
CmsExample4.java:2: package com.opencms.file does not exist
import com.opencms.file.*;

It seems that the compiler doesn't find the packages.
My Classpath pointed to the ...\opencms\WEB-INF\oclib\ directory. The file
'opencms.jar' contains the
appropriate packages.
To avoid this problem I copied the 'opencms.jar' file in the jdk/lib
directory...with the same result.

What goes wrong? Any advice is welcome.

many thanks

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