[opencms-dev] redirect after closing editor

Tobias Gaekle tobias.gaekle at x-cellent.com
Fri Jan 25 13:00:13 CET 2002

Hi list.

I'm facing the following problem: In my module i create a page and open
it with the editor using a redirect in my modified
CmsNewResourcePage.class. The 'lasturl' parameter contains the URL i
want the editor to return to after editing. However, when i close the
editor, it returns to Backoffice.html of my module, but i wanted it to
return to EditBackoffice.html?idedit=123. I suppose this is called from

So, my question: how do i redirect to the desired url after closing the
editor? What is the lasturl-parameter for?

Thank you for any answers!

- Tobias Gaekle

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