[opencms-dev] demo anywhere? project-status?

harald lapp h.lapp at biering.de
Thu Jan 24 16:11:22 CET 2002


we - at my company - are currently seeking for
an cms solution we could use in future for our
customers. opencms is one of our favourites at
the moment, so i have two questions:

does anyone know of an online demo of opencms
somewhere? (or have i to install my own one?)

and - sorry for my second question - when can
we expect the version 4.4.6? (static pages
woule be really cool...) -- but i don't need
an exact answer for this ;-))

thanx for your help &
keep up the good work,

harald lapp <software developer />

mediahaus Biering                         Telefon: 089-32352-271
Freisinger Landstrasse 21                 Telefax: 089-32352-277
80939 M√ľnchen                             http://www.biering.de/

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