[opencms-dev] Installation Help (Yet another resourcebrokererror)

Kelvin Tan kelvin at relevanz.com
Tue Jan 22 14:00:40 CET 2002

> > Downloaded opencms_4.4.6_major.zip. I've followed the instructions in
> > install.html to the letter. The only deviation I have up to Step 4, is
> > after Tomcat (4.0.1) has unpacked opencms.war, I modified
> > web-inf/config/opencms.properties, changing the jdbc url from localhost
> > that of my database server. That's ok right?
> you didn't need to deviate in step 4. just dump the WAR file in tomcat's
> /webapps and restart tomcat and browse to
> http://localhost:8080/opencms/ocsetup/
> the setup wizard will come up. use the wizard to specify your db
> connection properties.

No difference. Same 503 Servlet error...


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