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Hi Christoph, 

I´m not sure if we mean the same but have a look at my mail from November,
11th, concerning using the ressource type "link":

 <<AW: [opencms-dev] Link>> 

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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Navigation Problem

I wanna ask if somebody knows how to get a navigation info of a Folder which
is not directly in the Path of Navigation. 
For Example: 
Actual position is:  /myProject/ Subfolder/ nav.html 
Folder with Navigation Info I need: / myProject/ theInterestingFile.html 
I want to create an naventry for  "theInterestingFile.html"  but with
"getNavTree" I get all other navinformation too, which I don't need in this

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you can use the "Link" resource to add an internal or external link to the
dynamic navigation.

After installation add the property definitions "NavText" and "NavPos" to
the resource type "Link" first (Administration view, Property Management).

After creating a new "Link" resource in the explorer you always have to add
the properties NavText (Navigation Text) and NavPos (Navigation order
criterion like 1.0) manually via the contect menu (Properties/New). 


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Von: Walter I. Mourão [mailto:walter at]
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Hi folks,
I'm starting to study OpenCMS and I didn't understand how to use the
"Link" resource... Any help ?


Walter Itamar Mourão
walter at -

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