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Thu Jan 17 08:35:28 CET 2002

Hello Dan,
if you could log-in then your system is runnin correctly. You are now in the
"Online" project which contains all the resources that are currently forming
your site. To eddit or add some resources you first have have to reate an
"offline" project in the admistration voew of OpenCms. Add the root folder
to this project and you will be able to add resources there with the wizard
You then have to publish this project later to transfer your new or edited
resources to the online project, so that they are available on the site.

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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Install help on OpenCMS

I have a question that I'm hoping someone can provide guidance on.  I
followed the directions to install OpenCMS and everything from an install
perspective seemed to go just fine.  I can access the interface and sign-in
now, but once there, the "wizard" button is grayed out.  I've retraced my
steps and can't seem to determine the problem.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Jeffries

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