[opencms-dev] Install help on OpenCMS

Andreas Urra andreas.urra at x-cellent.com
Thu Jan 17 08:29:38 CET 2002

Hi Jeffries,

if you mean by 'wizard' the wand symbol, then everything is ok. That
button is for creating a new file, folder, whatever.
Only you have to create a project first. This is done in the
'administration view'. You must have it base on the root ('/') folder,
otherwise you still cannot create other folders in the root. Then switch
to your own project (top left combobox). Here you go ;)

Hope it helped,


"Jeffries, Dan" wrote:

>  I have a question that I'm hoping someone can provide guidance on.  I
> followed the directions to install OpenCMS and everything from an
> install perspective seemed to go just fine.  I can access the
> interface and sign-in now, but once there, the "wizard" button is
> grayed out.  I've retraced my steps and can't seem to determine the
> problem.Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.Dan Jeffries

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