[opencms-dev] coonection pool

Marian Kasala marian.kasala at apsoft.sk
Wed Jan 16 10:41:55 CET 2002

Hi Andreas Schouten,

>we have already written a MSSQL-RessourceBroker. This RessourceBroker is
>currently not released. It will be available in the next Release of

>If you want to use it now, you can checkout OpenCms from CVS-Repository and
>compile it yourself.

Great! I will check it.

I have still another question.
I was trying to make DB connection using OpenCms pool
as follows:

Connection con =

It worked fine when I created tables inside opencms
When I wanted to use my own mySQL database "myDBName"
I failed to find a way how to create or configure pool for that

I found settings for opencms pool in: opencms.properties
but there are settings only for opencms database.
Can I somehow get more active pools for more databases?

Best regards
Marian Kasala

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