[opencms-dev] Static Export - Empty Files

Andreas Urra andreas.urra at x-cellent.com
Tue Jan 15 11:26:03 CET 2002


how is the static export to be configured and performed to produce
correct results?

I checked out the latest CVS-version, use Tomcat 4.01, Java SDK1.3.1.

I created a projekt called 'foo' based on the root folder. There a file
'foo_page.html' was created. In opencms.properties I set
staticexport.start= /

As a result, the 'foo_page.html' file was created in
{WEB_APP_NAME}/export as well as the folders 'pics' and 'moduledemos',
which again contained files.
Only all files where empty - 0KB.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Is there any description of the 'scheduled tasks' option?

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