[opencms-dev] New cms user - New Project?

Dalvi, Amol Amol.Dalvi at divine.com
Fri Sep 28 23:57:34 CEST 2001

I am a fairly new user (developer) of OpenCms also. I believe the user
guide is not up-to-date. Instead I recommend you go with the developer
documentation first and just skim through the user guide for now.
Another good place to start is to download the News and OpenCms Homepage
modules and import them in to your local installation. You will find
instructions for importing in an email in the mailing list archive. Look
through the source of their templates and pages, and when you are ready
get the Java source code for the modules from the cvs repository.
I had a very high learning curve the first few weeks, but once you get
over the hump things will all start to come together!
- Amol.
amol.dalvi at divine.com
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Subject: [opencms-dev] New cms user - New Project?

	I am trying to get started with opencms 4.  It installed
	Thank you.
	However now I would like to begin a project.  The user's guide
	starting a project in the 'examples' folder.  There is no
	folder in my explorer screen, for this release.
	So, I decide I want to create my own examples/ folder.  However
	'new' icon is disabled. 
	How can I create a new Project, in it's own folder?
	I don't want to use the 'system' folder etc, I don't know what
those are
	for yet!
	Mike Warne.

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