[opencms-dev] New Releases

Alexander Kandzior Alexander.Kandzior at framfab.de
Fri Sep 28 14:00:19 CEST 2001


here's some update of the release status of OpenCms:

We have scheduled the next packaged OpenCms release sometimes during the
next two weeks. This will be version 4.4.4 then. OpenCms 4.4.4 will contain
some feature additions to 4.4.0 and will also fix some minor problems. 4.4.4
will be 100% compatible with 4.4.0 so that you just need to replace the
classes and the workplace files to update.

We actually have slowed down the cycle for download releases since the 4.4
version. We think it is now more important to have fewer but stable releases
that also are fully backwards compatible. 

We also have branched the CVS and have begun working on the 4.5 version of
OpenCms. We have already reached 4.5.13 here. The 4.5 version is still
compatible to 4.4 but we will eventually imcoorperate new features that will
require database or template changes. 4.5 will always be a development
release and will not be made available as a packaged zip download. However,
all versions of OpenCms are always available on the CVS. If development on
the 4.5 is finished, we will have the next major release of OpenCms, which
will then have the 4.6 version number. 

So far the roadmap of to the 4.6 is not fully completed, but we think about
including the following major additions:
* JSP support
* Full static export of sites
* Add project support for content definitions 
* Include Netscape 6 compatibility

Best regards,

OpenCms Group

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> Nice to see the progress of OpenCMS in the history file. 
> Quite a lot of
> things would be helpful to have. When will there be a 
> downloadable release
> again?
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