[opencms-dev] Few points

Lukasz Keler Lukasz.Keler at ceti.pl
Sun Sep 16 21:37:51 CEST 2001


1. OpenCMS' template system.

For anyone affiliated with XSLT OpenCMS' template system is one step...
back. In my humble opinion it's format is too complicated and unpritty
(using CDATA-style makes it messy).

Is it chance to integrate xalan with OpenCMS? It's architecture and
possiblity to call java methods makes it ideal for implementing
OpenCMS's features. 

2. ISO-8859-1 vs. Unicode

For foreign users ISO-8859-1 implemented in OpenCMS is tought problem.
Since it is limited standard swiching to UTF-8 is in my opinion very
important step, that should make OpenCMS leading solution.

3. Right_Alt+L

HTML (WYSIWYG) editor has big limitation - right_alt+l combination is
off. So one of the polish national chars is uneditable.

  Lukasz Keler

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