[opencms-dev] Problem with updating to opencms4.4: can not login anymore

josef_irnberger_jun at softhome.net josef_irnberger_jun at softhome.net
Thu Sep 13 13:04:24 CEST 2001

Hi List!

I installed the new opencms 4.4 and the newest mysql-database and therefore
tried to export the "opencms42" sql-db (mysql version 3.23.36 / opencms
version 4.3.22) via mysqldump. I imported it again in the sql-db (mysql
ver. 3.23.41) but i can not login with opencms 4.4 anymore. I also tried a
direct file transfer, but that did not work either. :ยด(

I guess this is a character problem (due to the ascii-export)...

Can you please help me?


Josef Irnberger

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