AW: [opencms-dev] element cache & multiple bodies -> NullPointerE xception

O_Faulhaber at O_Faulhaber at
Fri Sep 7 12:22:06 CEST 2001

Dear Michael,
sorry for bothering you again but it seems that I really need your help to
solve this problem:
Upfront one question: Was the element cache of your system switched on, when
you reconstructed my problem? If 'yes' - then the problem might probably be
larger. Therefore I will exactly descripe the steps which I took: 

*	System1: NT4/IIS/Tomcat 3.3-b1/OpenCms 4.4.0
*	System2: Linux/Apache/Tomcat 3.3-b1/OpenCms 4.4.0
*	Elementcache is 'on' (by default in
*	I created the XML Template named "test" in /content/templates/ in
the workspace.



<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
        <title>]]><method name="getTitle"/><![CDATA[</title>
         <ELEMENT name="body"/>
         <ELEMENT name="body2"/>
<ELEMENTDEF name="body2">

*	In the root directory I created a page named "test", which uses the
test template. 

*	Afterwards I edited the page with the WYSIWYG editor, entered this
text "Defaultbody" in the default body, added a new body (body2) and entered
this text "Text for Body2" and saved the whole. 

*	Then I looked into /content/bodys/test.html:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <template name="body2"><![CDATA[Text for Body2]]></template>


*	Then I looked into the page control file of /test.html:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <ELEMENTDEF name="body">

*	Then i clicked on test.html in the root directory with the following






[07.09.2001 10:38:09] <opencms_info> [CmsXmlTemplateFile] Cannot find
"bodytag" tag in XML template file test.
[07.09.2001 10:38:32] <opencms_info> [CmsXmlTemplateFile] Cannot find
"bodytag" tag in XML template file test.
[07.09.2001 10:38:42] <opencms_critical> [CmsXmlLanguageFile] Mandatory tag
"fileicon.compatiblePlain" missing in language file "core_de".
[07.09.2001 10:38:47] <opencms_critical> [CmsElementXml
(CmsXmlTemplate/test)] Non-CmsException in element body2
[07.09.2001 10:38:47] <opencms_critical> [CmsElementXml
opencms.log lines 3076-3149/3149 (END)

If I disable the element cache in and restart Tomcat, the
page is correctly displayed(!). The behaviour of OpenCms in this case is
identical on both systems. Therefore I cannot explain myself why the example
on your system operated correctly.
Did I perhaps do wrong somewhere? I studied the OpenCms manual quite exactly
here, but perhaps I did not correctly understood the systematics yet, which
is behind the application of several bodies in one Template. 
Many thanks in Advance,

Dipl.-Inform./Medien (FH)       Oliver Faulhaber
Push Interactive GmbH           Fon: +49/202/2427-346
VillaMedia, Viehhofstrasse 125  Fax: +49/202/2427-310
D-42117 Wuppertal               URL:  <>

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