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the user-documentation is outdated. You better should use the following


You can find them here:

Setting up a local copy of the OpenCms homepage
You can complete your test system by setting up a local copy of the OpenCms
The OpenCms homepage uses the news module, so it is necessary to install the
module if
you want to make your first steps with the OpenCms homepage.
To get the templates of the OpenCms homepage you have to make a simple
The required import file (website import.zip) can be downloaded from the
module page
together with another sql-script (website.sql ). This script inserts the
content which is
handled by the News Module into the database. Both files are bundled to the
zip file
* Extract this file first and then move the file website import.zip to your
export path.
* Then insert the content into the database by using the sql-script. Change
to the
folder in which the file website.sql resides and type in the following shell
(your MySQL path)/bin/mysql opencms < website.sql
* Then you have to import the templates. To be able to do this, you have to
be within
a project (not the online project), so create a new project first.
Change to the administration view and choose Projectmanagement -> New
Specify a project name, for example OpenCmsHomepage and the folders that
be included.
In this case include everything, type in / and press the button with the
blue arrow
to adopt this directory to the list of folders that have to be included.
After creating the new project, make sure that you are actually inside it
and change
again to the administration view.
* Now start the import of the OpenCms homepage. Make sure that the import
website_import.zip can be found within your export directory. Choose the
Databasemanagement and then import. Choose the file website_import.zip from
the selectbox and start the process.
That's all. Note: The pictures are missing right now, but they will be
available after
publishing the project.


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Hi all.

I am making progress, I can now log in as administrator and play around with
the interface there. I have pulled out the user guide and it refers to an
example site that I appear to be having difficulty finding. Is it included
with opencms-4.4 at all?  Is there an extra download hat I've missed?


- Raz

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