[opencms-dev] How to build from source?

Roland Turner raz at arrakis.com.au
Tue Aug 14 16:09:57 CEST 2001

> you don't need to create a new build, because of the
> check_versions-page is a JSP-Page that is compiled on the
> first request automatically by tomcat.

(strikes forehead with hand)

I hadn't thought of that possibility. Thanks.

It turns out that a tomcat bug/misfeature causes it to use JAVA_HOME to find the JRE, instead of simply utilising what PATH brings. Another tool installed on my machine has a JRE 1.2.2 embedded in it and JWS (Tomcat's predecessor), so it had presumed to actually set the JAVA_HOME variable in my environment to point to itself. As a result, typing "java -version" at the command line yields 1.3.0, but behind my back, Tomcat was running 1.2.2.

I don't entirely understand what else was happening, somehow the JDK problem was causing CmsSetupUtils.unsupportedServletEngine to return -1 and the following lines (check_versions.ocjsp:130) to throw the exception:

if(red) {
out.println("<p><b>Attention:</b> Your system does not have the necessary components to use OpenCms. It is assumed that OpenCms will not run on your system.</p>");

Had I not had an unsupported JDK, the bug would never have been tickled.

Complex self-diagnosing code is a recipe for disaster :-)

> By the way - I don't get this exception with tomcat 3.3
> beta 1 in standalone-mode.

You are getting an unsupported software warning though?

- Raz

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