[opencms-dev] internal access permission questions

Alexander Kandzior Alexander.Kandzior at framfab.de
Mon Aug 13 18:00:44 CEST 2001

> 1) Does the internal access permission (512) function the same way,
> otherwise what is its intended purpose?

The internal flag prevents a resource URL from being viewed directly with a
Example of such resources are e.g. include-files.

> 2.1) Does the internal permission have anything todo with if 
> the resource
> gets published or not

No. You might need the include files in your published project as well.

> 2.2) If not, is there any way to flag a resource to prevent 
> it from being
> published with the publish project function.  This would be 
> to prevent an
> unfinished, unedited article from going live.

Create two projects for the root filder "/".
Let's call them "project_a" and "project_b". 
Obviously, any resource is shared in these projects. 
If you now edit a resource (e.g. "/index.html") in project_a, there will be
a flag
on the explorer saying "belongs to project_a". If you now publish project_b,
No resource from project_a will be published. 
So to prevent your resources from getting published, have them belonging to
another project. 

> 3) If the current user's default access permission include 
> internal, the
> page control file will be assigned the correct (including internal)
> permission, but the associated body file will have an 
> incorrect permission
> (512 to much since it's being added without being checked).  
> Of course, I'm
> not sure if one should have internal access as your default 
> in the first
> place?

That a bug. Every file in /content should have the "i" flag set. We will fix
that ASAP.

The default permissions are (you set this with the "hammer" icon) can be
compared to unix default file mask. This is the set of permissions with
which every new file is created by default. 


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