[opencms-dev] Login from Macintosh failed

Carsten Rei├čner reissner at ifn-magdeburg.de
Thu Aug 9 12:16:33 CEST 2001


I have installed OpenCms 4.4 successfully on WinNT and Solaris 
systems. Thank you, great work! But a successful login is only 
possible using:

WinNT, Internet Explorer 5+
MacPPC, Netscape 4+
Irix, Netscape 4+

But with netscape the Explorer View is empty, and lots of Javascript 
errors occur.

Using Internet Explorer on the Mac, I will be put into a loop just 
presenting the OpenCms Login window. If I type in a wrong username I 
will get a reply, but entering the correct username shows the login 
window again.

Is the mac supported? Any hints?

Thank you.


Carsten Reissner
Institute for Neurobiology
Dept. Neurochemistry & Microbiology
Magdeburg - Germany
reissner at ifn-mageburg.de

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