AW: [opencms-dev] missing abstract method getDeleteUrl in A_CmsBa ckoffice

Michael Emmerich Michael.Emmerich at
Wed Aug 8 16:37:47 CEST 2001

Hello Stephan,

yes, you are right, this feaute is missing - thanks for your hint, don't ask
me why.....:)

So currently, there is no way to to replace the default dialog for deleting.
What you can do is writing your own getContentDelete method in your own
backoffice class that will overwrite the default method. Only the dialog
will be the original one.
I guess this is something I should take a look at.....


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Betreff: [opencms-dev] missing abstract method getDeleteUrl in

Hello developers,

in the latest manual under "5.2 Abstract Backoffice class" is described the 
use of an method getDeleteUrl for the dialog of deleting an existing data 
entry. But it seems that this feature is not implemented yet.
Is there another way to replace the default dialog for deleting an entry?


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