[opencms-dev] Bug in the ProjectManger

Thomas Zillinger ThomasZillinger at gmx.at
Wed Aug 8 15:00:56 CEST 2001


First I want to say an initial 'Hello' to the members of this mailinglist, I'm new to OpenCMS and have to say, that this product is just 'Great'. And thx a lot for the new Setup Wizard. I installed the early version 4.3.22 and had quite a lot of problems to come around with. However the new Setup just worked at my first attempt. 

Since then I 'played' a bit with OpenCms and it really took me a while to get used to a couple of things. (eg. The special way XML-Templates have to be formed). But the userinterface is developing really well.

Anyway, I actually wanted to report a bug (which at least is one on my platform).

* BUG: Click on Adminisation/Projectmanagement/Current Projects

Choose a projekt -> The contents is shown, Click on the 'Back'-Button -> the navigation directory disappears, and instead the content of the just viewed projekt is shown, instead of the navigation menu.

* Suggestion: It would be a good idea to show the whole path structure whiche the current submenu is in in the navigation bar. This would also make quick navigation possible.

kind regards


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