AW: [opencms-dev] opencms 4.4.0

Andreas Schouten Andreas.Schouten at
Wed Aug 8 08:50:46 CEST 2001


> - I imported the news module

Have you imported the sql-statements as well? (mysql opencms < website.sql)

> - I created a project (btw. whenever I choose/create a folder using the
> arrow button, the creation of the project fails with err msg: 'The entered
> project data is invalid.' . So I chose the content folder with the folder
> button. Does that make sense? Where should one create a new project?)

There are two ways to create a project:
1. Way: 
Change view to administration
Choose Projectmanagement
Choose New Projct
Enter a project-name
Enter a short description
In the following line type /
and click on the blue arrow
Click OK-Button
Now your project is ready

2. Way:
Change view to explorer
Choose "Create as project" in the context-menu
Make sure all ressources you need are in that project
Click OK-Button

In your case to import the whole website you have to choose "/"
Your project contains only "/content/" so you miss more than 50% of the

> - I imported the and that seemed to work fine (looking at
> tomcats output there seemed to be a couple of 'something not found issues'
> but opencms didn't threw out any error msg)

That's because of you haven't created a "/"-Project - try again!

> - I then published my project, using the publish button in the Explorer
> view, and that seemed to work fine as well
> - I then tried to view the site (how does one do that properly anyway?),
> clicking on e.g. /content/bodys/index.html and that only gave me an error
> that sort:

If you had imported the workplace correcty you get an ressource
"/index.html" You can click that resource to view the website.

You also can point your browser directly to

You never should mody resources in the folder "/content/bodys/". OpenCms
controls these resources on its own. If you log in as a "Normal User" you
can't see that folder.

Hope that helps.


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