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Matthias Pfau Pfau at dilloncs.de
Tue Aug 7 20:32:15 CEST 2001

Hello again,

to the posting below, I´ve got a lot of vacation notifications and one
tip: Get opencms 4.3.22 .  But the warning and all malfunctions remains.
May be, there is a rights problem? Please help! 

kind regards
Matthias Pfau

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since 2 weeks I watch this list, but I can´t find a solution for this
problem. On google too. I´ve setup   opencms 4.3.18 on   SuSE 7.2,
apache 1.3.19,   jserv 1.1.2 (+jakarta 3.2.1),   IBMJava2-JRE 1.3,
IBMJava2-SDK 1.3, (+java 1.1.8),   mysql 3.23.37. On SuSE 7.2  I get
error messages (broken dependencies), when I remove the packages in
brackets - I´ve listed them, even I think, that they are unused. 

May be, it´s a simple problem, but I´m not a programmer and I do only
know the very basics of databases. All entries in /var/log/httpd looks
fine - only access_log is growing. The only error message that I get, is
in   opencms/log/opencms.log:   "WARNING: unescaped "/" found in URL

It occurs every time, when I click on an item of the opencms-workplace.
But I don´t get this message, when I browse the structure, e.g. by
clicking on "+" and "-". Adding the news-module for testing does not run
to the end: It cannot be seen, when the upload is finnished. 

kind regards
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Matthias Pfau
-system administration-

Weidestraße 122 b
D-22083 Hamburg

phone +49 40 27 83 82 184
fax   +49 40 27 83 82 999

mailto:pfau at dilloncs.de
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