[opencms-dev] htdig and opencms on win NT or w2k...

Peter Hansen phanse at web.de
Sun Aug 5 12:07:27 CEST 2001

Hi Taras,
I have htdig running on a W2K maschine.
All I did was to intstall CygWin, and followed the instructions you can find here: http://www.htdig.org/contrib/guides/Installing_on_Win32.html

unfortunatly on my windows System (Apache, jserv, mySql) the htdig module produced an "index out of bounds" error. After some hours of debugging I found out, that the htdig (htsearch.exe) returned on trailing line of "null"s. so I resized the buffer and now it works. I'm telling you this because I am not sure if this is an error caused by my system or caused by windows....check it out!

My bigget problem at the moment ist, that I can't index my site! ./rundig works fine if you use static pages (for example the apache documentation) but when I try to index http://localhost/servlets/opencms/  i get an error saying "redirect ...."

hope that helps!

opencms-dev at www.opencms.com schrieb am 02.08.01:
> Hi,
> Did somebody get htdig search running on Win NT or w2k for search in
> opencms?
> Can I find installation guide or usafull tip somewhere?
> BR,
> Taras Vasylkevych

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